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Shown here wearing the
NEXX XR2 Vortex helmet.
Which did a great job when he
landed on his face at nearly
100mph - he's just as ugly as ever.
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That guy? Just Chicho Lorenzo,
father to Jorge Lorenzo, helping
me train in Mexico.
Circuit of the America's! - Race 1 is done.
2014 and prior stats, pics, and info:
Apr 10-12 Circuit of the Americas – Austin, Texas.
Results - 14th place, 2 points
Apr 17-19
Road Atlanta – Braselton, Georgia
Results - 13th and 10th place, 9 points total.
May 15-17
Virginia International Raceway (VIR) – Danville, Virginia
Results - 11th and 11th place, 19 points total.
May 29-31
Road America – Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Results - 7th and 12th place, 34 points total.
Jun 12-14
Barber Motorsports Park – Birmingham, Alabama
Results - 14th and 13th, 39 points total.
Jun 26-28
Miller Motorsports Park - Tooele, Utah
Results - 13th and DNF, 42 points total.
July 17-19
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - Monterey, California
Results - 12th place, 46 points total.
Aug 7-9
Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Indianapolis, Indiana

Sep 11-13
New Jersey Motorsports Park – Millville, New Jersey
Stay tuned for continuos updates throughout the season
Our first race weekend in the exciting new MotoAmerica

Javelin's never actually been to COTA before, and due to
the inclusion of the MotoGP races, our maximum on track
time before the race was 80 minutes.

In various weather conditions, and on the "B" bike which
still had a stock engine, ECU, and gearing Javelin managed
to consistently lower his times and qualify for the race.
Qualifying 17th out of 21, and finishing in 14th was actually
pretty good for us considering the circumstances and the

There were several crashes in the race, which involved a
switch to wet tires on the grid before lightly raining, drying
out, and then heavy rain with 5 laps to go.
Bitubo ECH29 cartridges,
Steering Damper, and
XXF31 shock complete
our suspension package.
CNC Racing Triple
Clamps, Steering Head
Nut, and Clip Ons sure
do look nice with our pit
Of course Javelin's not alone in this fight, and receives support from:
Paint provided by Niko of CustomPaintWorkz.com
Road Atlanta (race 2 and 3) - Cracking the top 10!
Thankfully he managed to qualify with only 5 minutes of track time (on
cold tires, too!) because of the delay they faced solving the cooling
issue from race 1 (where he finished 13th).

Throughout race 2 he made more passes than any other rider,
moving from dead last - 18th place to 8th, before running a little wide
and deciding to bring it home safely in 10th!

More importantly, our young resident racer is excited for the next
round at VIR, and we hope to see a lot more of this:
Bernie Broderick, Jav's father
seen here enjoying the
beautiful Atlanta weather...

Bernie was the one man
support crew for this round,
and we're all thankful for his
Aerial view of Road Atlanta, a
track known for it's seriously
fast back straight and with no
lack of experienced riders.

Javelin had been here only
once before...
Click the image below for a high resolution version that's great for desktop backgrounds!
Virginia International Raceway (race 4 and 5) - Finally a dry race!
We posted another 11th place finish today in extremely hot

Bike stayed cool for us but the rider overheated some and
Javelin got held up with a slower rider for a couple of laps,
costing him a solid chance at the 8th, 9th and 10th places
despite his race pace.

We'll be back stronger for Road America! Thank you to our
sponsors for helping us do what we love!

("You're welcome Javelin" - Randy)
It was nice to finally
have a chance to dial
in our chassis set up
for dry conditions.
Javelin can limbo down
low with the best of em'!

Those elbow sliders on
RS Taichi suit aren't
just for decoration after
Road America (race 6 and 7) - Another wet race, and our best finish yet!!!
After turn 9...
Javelin was handing out souvenir bodywork!
"Finished 7th today in the wet after a gnarly high side in Q2. Bike had a
bent triple so my steering was way off and had some other issues too but
we made it through somehow! Thanks to my team and girlfriend for
suffering it out in the soaking rain to keep me on track! Gave this little dude
a piece of my turn 9 adventure too! Full gas tomorrow for race 2!"
- Javelin Broderick
Race 2 - 11th place!

11th is not where we want to
be, but considering how the
cards were stacked for us
coming into the race, it really
was a
GREAT finish.

We were still the fastest MV
Agusta in the race and we
are the highest ranked MV
Agusta in the championship
point standing, so I know
Javelin's game is top notch
and it's my job to get his bike
up to par!
Looking forward is exciting
though, as the Factory race
electronics have
arrived, and we won't be
running a stock engine any
longer either ;)

Barber is next, and it is going
to be exciting!!!!

"Huge thanks to my
sponsors, including:
STYLMARTIN for keeping
me safe!"