Information about the effects of Unsprung weight:

The law about the influence of unsprung weight over bike dynamic performance, which is defined by the absurd
equation 1 equals 8, is known and globally accepted. The concept is that by diminishing the unsprung mass of a
bike suspension by 1 weight unit, such diminution will have an influence 8 times larger over the bike dynamic
performance. In other words, 1 Kg reduction to a suspension unsprung weight is dynamically equivalent to
lightening the bike kerb weight by 8 Kg. If you consider that the RAM magnesium sssarm for the MONSTER
weighs only 3,500 grams, the unsprung weight decrease amounts to 1500 grams or 30%. 8 times 1500 grams
corresponds to a lightening of 12 kilograms. Those of you who tried lightening the kerb weight of any bike have
realized the importance of an improvement of 12 Kg that is immediately available by installing a RAM magnesium
sssarm, an improvement added to others, like better traction and stability due to the RAM sssarm lengthening.

Installation NOTES:

With all installs, chain must be lengthened by 1 link due to extra length of swingarm.

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