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Please enjoy the below gallery of existing, and digitally rendered Paolo Tex kits!
*BellissiMoto is not responsible for any drool induced damage to laptops, keyboards, smartphones, or tablets.
Paolo Tex Design Bodykits are HERE!
His first kit, the "Naked" version, is happily installed on his personal (and
rather kick-ass) Monster S4R, shown here with Paolo.

I for one consider us all lucky that Paolo not only shared his awesome
creation with us, but actually went through the work to make it possible for us
to use his designs to create our own masterpieces!

Usually the general public would never have an opportunity like this, and to
say that these kit's will be produced in small numbers is an understatement!

I'll be amazed if there are more than 50 of these we could ever get inside the
USA, so don't delay -
order now.
Imported and distributed throughout the USA exclusively by BellissiMoto
Paolo "Tex" Tesio has turned dream to reality, and is allowing us to share his dream with
riders everywhere.
No time for a project?
Have us build one for you!

  • These kits and components come as unpainted fiberglass and are yours to paint/wrap/
  • These fit ALL VERSIONS, of the 2004-2008 Ducati Monster S2R and S4R series.
  • Frame modification (reversible), is required.
  • Naked Kit Fork Covers do include universal mounting brackets.
  • In most cases, you must use a different headlight, and create your own mounting assembly.
  • The "RACE" version's rendered tail and undertail exhaust options are not available yet (No ETA
    either). Right now it comes with the same tail and tail light as the "CAFE" version, but it appears to
    be retained (less the tail light portion) when the undertail exhaust idea becomes a reality.
  • In order to keep costs and shipping down, any returned kits will incur a 25% restocking fee.

You are going to like what you see.

Please note - You may be too busy, not want to, or are simply incapable of building your bike into
your dream bike without help from the experts.

It's OKAY to be this guy:                                                                                                

We can build one for you!
  • We could make it exceptionally lightweight.
  • With amazing performance and handling.
  • Just imagine one of these graphics packages (which are fully
    customizable) or your own entirely unique ideas, having a bike custom
    built around it.
  • We could satisfy your inner nerd by making the DUCATRON
    concept rendering into a reality.
  • We can even work with LumiLor paints, to make those lines
    actually light up at the touch of a button.
  • Every detail would be carefully considered.
  • Not to mention our friendly service and great parts availability
Have something in mind?
Red Bull graphics unavailable (do you want to get sued? lol)
This is an example of how the kits arrive to you when ordering off the website:
Choose your complete kits or individual components below! Don't forget to purchase the
Flyscreen or number plate mounting kit (not included with the Body kits)
Select Version
Kit 1
Kit 3
Kit 2
Kit 1
Kit 3
Kit 2
Kit 1
Kit 2
Street Fighter Kit
Road Rage Kit
Sting Racer Kit
Select Version
Select Version
Select Part
Individual Parts
Need A

Find the Correct
sized 5 3/4 inch

Because it shouldn't be
that hard. Click the
picture to see how its
done for each
Fly screen w/ light
Fly screen w/o light
Tail Chop part 2
Tail Chop part 1
Number Plate
Fork Covers
Fly Screen and Number Plate Mounting Kits
(Stainless steel with a Matte Black Cerakote finish)
Select Mount kit