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(for all those nerdy engineering types who love learning about tensile strengths, heat properties, and material strength flows)
Thanks to the highest strength and lightweight features, Titanium has become one of the most desired materials
for use in aftermarket parts.

However, most of the 64Ti bolts on the market are machined the easy way by CNC cutting which creates an
increased risk of breaking, despite the strong property of TI in an average temperature environment.
We have successfully processed 64Ti bolt by fully forging. By providing products to local motorcycle race team
for testing and the precise adjustment during processing, our hot and cold forging technique has become more
reliable and stable that has allowed us made the tensile strength reach to Grade 10.9 which is higher than that
of CNC cutting made (about Grade 7-8).


When comparing the inner material flow stress, between CNC machined and FFR (Fully Forged for Racing
technique), the material flow stress (the left one) is pretty dispersive and easily causes weak points. By means
of FFR technique the material flow stress will be extensively retained; as a predictable result, the fatigue
strength and shear strength are much better than CNC machined.
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