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This isn't some fly-by-night, online only, based in a
garage operation.

We have an actual showroom, we supply nearly every Ducati dealer in the USA, we have actual inventory, and yes you can visit!
Pictures of OUR shop:
Pictures of those "other" shops:
I'll go ahead and name names... Gutsy Performance, Alpha Performance USA, and PJ's Parts to start.
Okay, you've got me, there are no pictures of these two shops!
(unless you want to see old men in their underwear at a computer in their garage)

Why is that?

Because these "shops" don't actually exist!!!

They can't offer better customer service, faster delivery times, or
better prices, and that means they don't deserve your money.

I'll remind you of our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE below:
Come visit our store!

Located 2 miles from
the airport terminal,
and 4 miles from the
Strip, Las Vegas's true
Ducati Experts can be
found at:

6175 S. Pecos Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89120

We're open:

9am - 6pm
10am - 2pm
Click on the map for more help in finding our store!
Need emergency help on a Sunday, or after hours? Call us at 702-901-4028 and if we are available, we will be happy to help.
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See inside with our Virtual Tour!
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Or on the picture
and be transported
into our store!

You'll quickly see
how different we
are from your
standard dealer.