4 IN 1 Front Axle Removal Tool

This tool will allow you to remove the front wheel on any motorcycle
that has a 17mm, 19mm, 22mm, or 24mm female hex on the front
wheel or anywhere else a large hex is needed. To hold the tool
simply use a socket and ratchet on the opposite end. This tool is held
to a very high quality standard and is CNC machined out of billet
aluminum. It is clear chromate plated to provide many years of
corrosion free use.
Anti-Marr Fork Cap Wrench

These are a non-marring fork cap wrench that fits your bikes  forks.
These wrenchs will allow you to remove your fork caps without
worrying about damaging them. The wrench has an aluminum
handle and a delrin insert to protect the nut from damage.  They are
available in three sizes:  30mm (Blue), 32mm (Red), and 35mm (Black).
30mm (Blue) Fits:
Marzocchi forks on Ducati Monsters
and SS/CR models
Any other bike with 30mm fork caps.

32mm (Red) Fits:
Any other bike with 32mm fork caps.

35mm (Black) Fits:
Any bike with 35mm fork caps.
Ducati front axle drift 25mm

This is front axle drift for all Ducati's with a 25mm I.D. axle.  This tool
allows you to safely remove a stubborn axle. The side that fits inside
the axle is made out of aluminum so it will not harm your axle. The
other side has a stainless steel end cap so that when you tap it with a
hammer it will not mushroom.

This tool fits:  749/999, 748 916/996/998, ST2/ST3/ST4, Monster,
Multistrada, Hypermotard, Sport classic, Supersport, And many more
Ducati Alternator cover puller fits all modern Ducati's

This tool is used to remove the alternator cover. It allows you to do
this without prying on it with a screw driver. This is a must have tool
for anybody putting a lightweight flywheel in their bike, if you fry your
alternator wires or if you plan on removing the cover for a general
inspection. It fits all modern Ducati motorcycles. The part is CNC
machined out of billet 6061 aluminium and is clear chromate plated to
provide many years of corrosion free use.
Chain adjusting tool for Ducati

This is a Ducati chain adjuster tool for the Ducati single sided
swingarm bikes  This tool is CNC machined out of billet aluminum.  It
is available in natural, black and red anodized finishes.  These are
model specific.
Color/ size
Ducati tool package *3PC set*

This is a 3 piece tool kit for your Ducati.  It includes a wheel nut
socket, front axle alignment tool, and a chain adjuster.
OHLINS 50mm fork cap wrench 748 996 998 916

This item is a fork cap wrench for 50mm ohlins forks. These forks
came stock on many Ducati 748,916,996,998. The top of your forks
should measure 50mm or just under 2". This tool is specifically
designed to remove the fork cap without damage.  It is CNC
machined out of billet aluminum with hardened dowel pins. It comes
with a clear chromate plating
Ducati steering stem nut tool

This tool fits almost every Ducati motorcycle 1992 or newer.  This
tool is the only way to remove the nut when you are greasing the
stem bearings. It is also good to periodically make sure it is tourqed
down tight. The tool has a square hole on the backside for a 3/8"
drive rachet. It is equivalant to Ducati tool # 88713.1058. This tool is
machined out of 6061 billet aluminium and then anodized.  It is
available in clear, black, red, or gold finishes.
Ducati front axle alignment tool

This is a front axle alignment tool.  This tool keeps the notch in the
axle properly lined up with the notch on the fork bottom when
tightening the front axle nut. This alignment has to be correct so that
there is access to the commpression adjustment screw. This is a
high quality tool made out of 6061 aluminum and then clear chromate
plated to provide many years of corrosion free use.  It is available in
several sizes:  25mm (most Ducs with Showa), 25mm Ohlins Specific,
1098S/R, 1198S/R and One for the Hypermotard.
Ducati Cam holding tools

This tool holds intake cam wheel in place during cam belt installation.
The teeth on this tool lock the vertical (rear) cylinder intake cam from
rotating so that you can remove the old belt and install the new one.
This is a must have tool if you are replacing your worn out belts. It is
CNC machined out of 6061 billet aluminum and then clear chromate
plated to resist corrosion.   There are two Different versions, One for
the 748 916 996 851 888 motors and one for the 749 999 998
testrastretta motors
Ducati ride height tool for the 748/916/996/998

The secret to proper suspension set up on a Ducati 748-998 starts
with the proper ride height. This tool allows you to measure it by
giving you a standardized marked reference point. Every time you
adjust your chain the ride height changes because of the eccentric in
the swingarm. The plug that goes into the rear axle comes with a
stainless thumb screw to attach it to the tool for storage. This tool is
CNC machined out of billet aluminum and comes in two colors black
or gold.
Ducati 41mm/46mm wheel nut socket

This is a Ducati 46mm/41mm wheel nut tool. It is two tools in 1, 46mm
for the wheel side nut and 41mm for the sprocket side nut. This tool
fits the following models:  748, 916,  998, 996, 848, Hypermotard,
Multistrada, Monster 1100, S2R, and the S4R
This tool has been CNC machined out of billet aluminum and then
hard anodized.
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