Street Fighter Kits for Ducati and Aprilia Superbikes
LSL Handlebar Riser Kits

So, you like the look and performance of your sportbike but have
grown tired of aching back and arms?

LSL has the answer for you! Utilizing the same craftsmanship and
quality materials you have come to expect from a top German
manufacturer, LSL has developed handlebar conversion kits for
nearly all popular sport bikes. LSL is raising the bar!

Most kits include new top triple clamp or adapter, handlebar, and
Spiegler's patented stainless steel braided brake lines. Kits which
require them also contain items like clutch lines or cables, mirror
stays and other necessary accessories.

LSL superbike handlebar kits include silver bars, and clear coated
brake lines with silver anodized aluminum fittings (when
applicable). The kits can be customized to individual tastes by
ordering them with color anodized bars or color coordinated
brake lines for a additional charge.

Attention: Current generation sportbikes have very tight
clearances in the handlebar pocket of the fairing. Modifications to
the windshield and/or fairing may be necessary for proper
mounting of these kits. LSL superbike handlebar kits are TÜV
approved, and have been demonstrated to mount and work
properly in the form that they arrive.
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