This all started with a conversation I had back in October 2011 with Pierre
Treblanche when I met him For the first time at Motus's Launch party (he was
working with Confederate Motorcycles at the time).  i had asked him why the
Dual sided swing rm on His 999. His answer was a chuckle and then stating it
was never his idea, but something that Ducati decided. Fast forward to 2013, I
see this photo online late one night:
August 2013

The 999 has made it to
Lyle's basement where
the project will begin.

Bonus - Lyle's cat
Rambo appears happy
to be back on an Italian
lady and is happy to
help with the pre-mod
As you can see, her life hasn't been perfect...

She was last owned by the nephew of Fast Frank,
who is claimed to have performed the last service.

That said, she's rashed, filthy, and suffering from
a couple leaks so we're leaving nothing to
chance, tearing her completely apart and giving
her a fresh chance at life.
Right about now, Lyle may be thinking "Holy SH!T! What did I get into!",

But knowing Lyle, I imagine a wide smile would appear next as he reaches for another wrench and strips it down

Wondering what's going on? Well let's just say Lyle was inspired by Pierre Terblanche's original concept
drawings for the Ducati 999.

While that requires the swingarm/exhaust/wheel/brake/shock/linkage assembly to be removed, the bodywork
will be back.
Seemingly bent on abusing his employee discount, Lyle went on a bit of a shopping spree ;)
There was never any doubt about which parts were to be used for this build, including:
Copious amounts of titanium from PROTI (Axle Pinch Bolts, Caliper Bolts, Front and Rear Rotor Bolts) and TPO
(Front Axle, Swingarm Pivot Bolt, Engine Mount Studs, Clutch Hub Bolts and more), ROTOBOX Wheels, Alth
Floating Brake Rotors, The single sided swingarm from a Ducati 1098, CNC Racing's Carlos Checa Edition
Slipper Clutch, AEM's Hub Flange, CRG Arrow Mirrors, Woodcraft Lever Guards, CRG Carbon Levers, and of
course... Domino Grips.
If that list looked small, that's because it's only half!

Here's the rest:

SpeedyMoto Front and Rear Axle, and Frame Sliders, SpeedyMoto 5 spoke clutch cover, STM's quick change
sprocket and carrier (with EK chain and new front sprocket for 520 pitch conversion), AEM Steering head nut, AEM
Triple clamp, HeliBars Track stars, DucaBike Adjustable Rear Shock Linkage, Tech Spec Tank Grip Pads, MOTO
CORSE Quick Release Gas Cap, Samco Hose kit with Stainless Clamps, LLS Racing Engine Bolt Kit in Blue, and
a CNC Racing Crankcase Breather Valve with K&N Filter.... and yes, there's still more to come!
MMMM Tasty Titanium from ProTi and TPO!
Front end coming apart and going back together
Body work needed love, so Paint booth here they
The Exhaust mock up!!!
Well before the build could start, I had to tear her
apart!  ByE BYE Rear end!
On the way to
Prototype the
Bare bones, but
still SEXY!
Carlos, Eat your
heart out!!
An ALTH- Rotobox
DETAILS!! I love
As with any project
bike, Sometimes
after she comes
together, you notice
a few things that
need fixed (well that
is my excuse for
dumping more
money into her!

At this point I have
shaved off about 30
lbs.. but I am not
done yet!
Goodbye steel
Bolts, hello Blue
Aluminum!! (almost
a pound shed here
AEM's Super sexy
Upper Triple and
Helibars Trackstar
Pulled the Clutch
case off, and had it
Slotted out - All the
better to see the
CNC Racing Carlos
Checa 48 tooth
Slipper clutch and
STM Titanium
Wire Clutch Guard
Next, An EVR
Carbon Airbox!!
And Yes, The MWR
Airfilters fit just
Rearsets matched
CNC Racing
M8 universal fit
Footpegs and
Folding Toe pegs
to finish her off...

Note The Pro ti
Titanium bolts,
There is over $1500
Worth of Ti bolts
from them and over
$800 Worth of
Titanium Hard
parts from TPO
Yes it is a
First Ride Review:

Suspension: Needs refinement, that will be addressed at Phase Two, but it still
handles amazing. The RotoBox Carbon Wheels are most felt in corners because
the bike just slips through them like nothing.. I'm getting crazy lean angles!.  It
needs some tuning- It is bogging down at low RPM's becasue the Microtec is still
running the original mapping for a slip-on and not the crazy full system we built
along with the Massive change in airflow from the Airbox and Filters

Most useful mod: the Helibars Trackstars.. made the bike very comfortable for the
15 min shake down that turned into a 4 hour ride!

"I wasn't sold on the blue stripe after it was applied, somehow it didn't look as good
sitting still as Lyle and I imagined the bike would. Then we went for a ride - side by side
on our triple 9's, and (along with the ALTH Rotors) it didn't just work, it looked GREAT!"
AEM Lightweight
Aluminum Carrier
Build list (so far)
Total Weight Dropped so far: 40.7 Pounds (18.4 kg)!!!
Took Her to the
Ducshop in
Marietta and
Maestro Mark
took her in, about
5 hours later,
126 hp!  
The good news?
With the 05 and
later cams I can
easily get another
10 hp minimum...  
hmm Ebay time?

As it stands now,
She Rides pretty
nice, But I know
we can do better!!!
Time to ride it like I stole it!!
AEM Hub flange, Spin        
AEM Ti cushdrives        
AEM QC carrier and sprocket        
Hyperpro RSC steering damper        
Damper mount kit        
Luimoto Seat cover        
CNC racing Footpegs for M8 applications        
CNC racing toe pegs (2)        
Ducabike Eco rearsets        
Earth X Battery        
CNC racing Carlos Checa 48 tooth slipper clutch
STM Titanium Wire Clutch cover  
Ducabike Shock linkage        
LLS crankcase bolt kit for 1098, Blue        
LLS crankcase bolt kit for 998, Blue        
LLS front fender kit for 999, Black          
TPO Titanium Parts        
Front axle
Swingarm bolt  
Countershaft sprocket nut
Rear brake lever Pivot, Lower Suspension pack
Rear axle pinch bolts
Upper ride hieght adjuster pin
Upper rear shock pin,
Rear rocker Pivot Bolt
Clutch basket bolts
Kickstand pivot bolt,
Bushing for clutch pusher
Frame mount bolt set (custom to mount  
                                Speedymoto Frame sliders)
About $1500 worth of Titanium Hardware from Proti
(every screw, bolt, and nut that I could, was
EVR Carbon Airbox        
Ducabike Rear axle nut set (large), Black   
Cox Racing Radiator & Oil Cooler Guard Kit        
Scotts oil filter     
HeliBars Trackstars clip-ons        
CRG Arrow Mirrors
Driven Bar End Mirror Adapters      
STM breather        
domino XM2 grips        
Barracuda Throttle tube        
Samco Hose kit, Blue        
TPO crankcase breather kit        
CRG Carbon Levers        
Carbon sprocket cover
Carbon 1098 rear hugger
Carbon Air intake covers
Carbon Front fender
Carbon Key Guard trim
Carbon Winglets
Carbon Front fairing        
MWR air filters        
Speedymoto Underbody Frame sliders        
Speedymoto Front sliders   
Speedymoto Rear sliders (1098)      
FMF Exhaust for 1098        
QD headers for 1098        
ZXE Headlight bulbs        
MOTOBOX LED Kit (for tail light)        
Air breather filter        
Driven Front sprocket        
EK MVXZ chain        
Moto Corse Gas cap, Black        
Complete Single sided Swingarm from 1098 including
brake parts, Suspension, and axle        
Needle bearing for Pivot linkage    
Rotobox wheels        
Alth Rotors - Blue        
Oberon clutch slave - Blue        
As I understand, this is from a book that has some of Mr Treblanche's original
designs.. And then when Randy came home with a 2004 base model 999 about
a month later, it all clicked and I bought the bike from Randy and proceeded to
turn it into a bike worthy of more wet dreams than your wife or mistress(es)

Mr Treblanche, This one is for you!!!
Progress so far:
January 2014;
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Another addition,

Our Friends at
MotoBox sent over
a taillight kit!!

It comes complete
with a plate mount,
but For obvious
reasons, I cant
uses that part!!
These are the
original cams and
flywheel.. Replaced
with the Cams from
a 06 999S and A
Nichols Lightweight
Flywheel and I
found a set of
Lightweight Ergal
Cam pulleys!!
So I started to ride her and then the Summer
heat of Vegas hit...

Didn't do much riding, but the bikes colors
have always bothered me... soooo
Nicole rests beautifully on
top of Gabriella, during
the 2013 AIM Expo in
Orlando FL.
so i put any work on heron
hold till after teh move and
then ...
PHASE 2!!!
And NOW I have

Just some
Graphics and
some finishing

And she weighs
410 lbs fully wet
and ready to ride!!
And NOW I have

Just some
Graphics and
some finishing

And she weighs
410 lbs fully wet
and ready to ride!!