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Well Nuts - if you work on your bike then you're familiar with these.
Well nuts are self-expanding rubber fasteners which are used to
secure fairings, electrical components, and various other parts on
Ducati, MV Agusta, and many other motorcycles. If you need spares
for your ride look no further.

We stock genuine "WELL NUT" brand made in the USA. These are
the real deal - not to be confused with the cheap Chinese knockoffs
that most vendors carry. The well nut body is made from neoprene
and the threaded insert is brass. These are resistant to gas, oil,
coolant, and brake fluid. Note that most generic "well nuts" are made
from plain rubber (which degrades very quickly) and have steel
inserts (which rust). Get them from us for a fraction of the price that
the dealers charge.
Rubber Well Nuts (pack of 10)
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