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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with a credit card instead of PayPal?
YES!! Click here for a Picture tutorial of how to do it!
(Warning this opens a new window so be prepared!)

Will I have to pay sales tax?
Only if you live in the state of Nevada.

Are you willing to help me choose the right products for my bike?
Of course! We have personally used nearly every product we offer, and will be happy to let you
know the best way to go!

Do you offer complete custom build motorcycles?
LOL, c'mon now, have you seen our Photo Gallery, or our custom bike building page? Of
course we are willing to build the custom bike of your dreams! You can be as involved as you like,
even turn a few wrenches and hang out in the shop with us as we build her if you're not too far

Are you willing to make me a package deal on a very large order?
Sure, fill up that shopping cart and get in touch ;)

What will the shipping cost for my order?
Live in the USA and ordering over $250 worth of product? If so your order ships free!
Otherwise, simply add the items you want into your shopping cart and click "calculate shipping"

If I find a better price, will you match it?
Only if we can't beat them. Click here for more info.

Who do you use for shipping?
USPS Priority Air mail is our default shipping method, but if you'd like to request any particular
carrier, and shipping method, we will be happy to comply when possible.

Why haven't I received a tracking number for my order?
Because your order probably hasn't shipped yet  ;)

Is an item in stock?
Probably! We have nearly half a million dollars of aftermarket parts inventory in stock at all times,
but with multiple colors, and sizes of most products, and a constantly changing inventory, I
recommend you
contact us if an item is needed urgently.

If an item is out of stock, how long will it take to get it?
Could be 2 days, could be 2 months, contact us for a PRECISE ETA.

I'm at the front door at 1pm on a Friday and the door is locked, what gives?
We may be eating lunch in the back while watching cartoons, or perhaps we left early to go ride, go
cliff jumping, rock climbing, go kart racing, etc... Just call us and we'll let you know.

Will you sponsor my race team?
Maybe... Go here to find out!

What kind of a company is BellissiMoto LTD anyhow?
The fun kind! We may be a retail company, but we're really in the business of pleasure, so relax
and enjoy the ride!

Is your website built on a completely outdated platform?
You betcha. I happen to love how unique our website is. I'm no web designer by trade, but when I
compare our website to every other ultra fancy high tech website, I see an original style that's
100% our own. A personal touch (bordering on artistic at times, especially with this ultra-basic, yet
perfect for a man color pallette). NO other website seems to have my style, and it s always fun to
stand apart from a crowd. I even try to build my sense of humor into our website, shop, and team,
and we hope you all enjoy.

Is your shop really that awesome?
Does a bear shit in the woods? We even have a puppy.

Why did you donate to the Semper Fi Fund instead of Wounded Warriors?
WW was too busy to accept our money (seriously, we tried and they took the time to write us a
letter saying that they were too busy to accept our money!), and it turns out the Semper Fi Fund is
a more than worthy cause, that does a phenomenal job of putting the money in the hands of our
wounded veterans, rather than into million dollar yachts for the foundations staff.

Will there ever be a BellissiMoto Build Off?
You better believe it, I think we'll make it a semi-annual event soon.

Why is Ryan listed as "planet express delivery boy"?
Like Fry from Futurama, Ryan is both our shipping, and wildlife manager.

What kind of a name is Javelin?
He's Canadian, need I say more?

How fast is he?
Really flippin' fast!

Will Lyle's hair ever grow back?
The magic 8 ball says "no chance".

How do you find your models?
Easy, I live my life, they see me, can't stay away, and I date them.

Can I have Randy's personal number?
Are you a sexy young female? Prove it and the answer is probably a yes.

Can I model for BellissiMoto?
See above answer. If you qualify, email us at info @ bellissimoto.com

Why am I still reading these stupid FAQ's?
I don't know, quick, click here for soul redeeming bike porn!
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