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I bought my first MV Agusta (also a
Brutale) in summer of 2004 and lovingly
racked up ~9,000 miles on her in just a
year and a half while sharing her riding
time with my many other motorcycles.

It was an excellent bike for this urban

Classy, highly detailed, unique,
beautiful, fun, and reliable. How could I

Well despite just buying a different
Brutale in July, I couldn't help myself
and purchased this one in September.

Adding 800 miles to her, on an epic mtn
riding adventure in my first 2 days of

I found it interesting how fate had
brought me around to another Brutale,
with another riding adventure, exactly 10
years later.
Yes, this bike was once on the cover of the Robb Report, and it's even better now.
The stock mirrors had to go, and the original bars had solid ends which wouldn't allow me to run the
mirrors and signals I wanted, so I added
Rizoma Conical handlebars.

We drilled a small hole in the bars and ran the wiring for the always bright and amazing
Oberon Bar End
Turn Signals, which we mounted using their Bar End Mirror Adapters, and finally capped off with the
CRG Arrow Bar End Mirrors.

She already had a Scotts Steering Damper (a welcome addition), but the stock levers, master cylinders,
and Throttle left much to be desired.

Which means I had to do something about that...

We added
MotoCorse Reservoir Covers, and Adjustable Folding Levers, then I went to work on the
throttle, which after adjustment, and even swapping the internal cam gear was still disappointing to me.

Thankfully the
Domino XM2 Race Throttle with Cables solved my problem, and honestly, may have been
the single best upgrade to this Brutale, as the throttle is now much smoother than it ever was before.
That's just me and her in the Sierra Nevada mountains at around 9,000 ft, on my first day of ownership.

This is a unique situation, as we usually completely build our bikes from nothing, but this Brutale was
clearly equipped with some of the best parts available before I purchased her.

Luckily for me, she wasn't finished, and I was just the man to finish the job.
Build started September 2014
This is how she looked when I picked her up. Not a bad starting point eh?
Next I had to finish the aesthetic mods, as the prior owners built it well enough to
cover a Robb Report magazine, but didn't even get rid of the big ugly plastic original
turn signals and rear fender.

Ready, here we go:
Carbonvani: Exhaust Guards, Radiator Guards, Intake Covers, Key Guard, and
Headlight Bracket.
MOTOCORSE: Fender Eliminator, Turn Signals, and Frame Plugs.
LuiMoto: Rider Team Italia Suede Seat Cover
Here's a complete list of the upgrades you'll find on this bike:
Want to own one of the most beautiful MV Agusta's around?

A piece of history, right off the cover of the Robb Report?

Great, make her yours for just $12,500!

Contact us today.

Carbon Fiber and bodywork:
  • Tail
  • Intake ducts
  • Upper frame covers
  • Key guard
  • Radiator guards
  • Underseat side panels
  • Front subframe/headlight bracket
  • Exhaust guards
  • Heel guards
  • Front fender (both pieces)
  • Rear fender
  • Upper and lower chain guards
  • Lower radiator surround.
  • Custom headlight fairing (and aluminum mount)
    with Zero Gravity smoked windscreen and
    perfectly matched paint.
Here you can see
(amongst other
things) the
Carbonvani carbon
fiber headlight
She's a work of art
with all day comfort,
great handling and a
superbly quick

Make her yours and
continue the dream
for just

Hard Parts:
  • Scotts Steering Damper.
  • Rizoma Handlebars
  • Rizoma Rearsets
  • Oberon Bar End Indicators w/ mirror mounts
  • CRG Arrow Bar End Mirrors
  • Domino XM2 Race Throttle with cables
  • MotoCorse Reservoir Covers
  • MotoCorse Adjustable Folding Levers
  • MotoCorse Billet Fender Eliminator
  • MotoCorse Turn Signals
  • MotoCorse Frame Plugs (complete kit)
  • LuiMoto Team Italia Seat Cover
  • MV Agusta Racing Exhaust - Full Titanium
  • Marchesini Forged Magnesium Wheels