The AVINTON Services


At Avinton, the relationship with our clients doesn’t stop once our muscle
bikes are delivered.

For us it is just the beginning!

When an Avinton owner gets on their bike for the first time, a new step in
their relationship with our team begins.

We know that without our clients, we are nothing, and we truly appreciate
their opinions. They help us to continually improve and adapt our bikes to
all different types of biking styles.

Making bikes is our passion, but making our clients happy is one of the
best parts of the job.

As soon as any order is finalized, or sometimes even before, each of our
clients are given the cell phone number of our technical director. We want
our clients to feel free to reach us at any moment, including weekends and

This communication enables us to construct exactly what our clients
desire, whether it requires suspension set for a 150 pound rider, or a 250
pound rider, with big feet or small, long legs or short, and so on, so that
upon the delivery of their muscle-bike they are completely satisfied.

After the bike is in the owner’s possession, the same technical director
ensures the maintenance of the bike and is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week for any tiny problem they might have. If ever a client hopes to add any
options after their bike is delivered, we are happy to help.

Avinton Motorcycles are built to last - in fact, one of our factory demo
bikes, a Collector Race edition, is from 2006, and still performs beautifully
and to the excitement and joy of our customers who never know it's more
than a couple months old until we quite happily tell them.

Of course we know that our client’s desires may change overtime. To deal
with our client’s evolving tastes we can also completely transform our
bikes, a client can bring in his or her white GT Collector and leave with a
Shelby blue Roadster Super Snake or anything else the heart desires.

The appearance changes but the Avinton spirit is still the same!


Because our after-sales service needs to be as high quality as our bikes
are, we offer several solutions for Avinton owners. The solutions are
adapted to their availability, location or simply their desires.

The first and most practical solution for the muscle-bike’s maintenance is
at the closest official Avinton dealer. The mechanic can also go to the
owner’s residence or workplace.

If the owner lives far from a dealership or prefers to have the
maintenance done by the people that constructed it, we are happy to come
to take care of their Avinton at their residence or if necessary pick it up
and take it back to the factory to finish any adjustments needed.

Finally, because some Avinton clients have expressed the desire to take
care of their bikes themselves we offer technical training sessions at our
workshop given by our technical director.

These sessions allow the owners the possibility get their hands dirty and
conserve their factory guarantee. And yes, as you might have guessed…
we are the only ones who offer this service in the world.

Warranty : 2 years parts and labor



The “Lords of Avinton” Club is all about uniting Avinton Motorcycle owners
so that they can share their passion for these exceptional muscle-bikes.
Giving our clients the opportunity to meet regularly around the world and
enjoy their Avinton's together in exceptional settings is also important to us.

Sharing experiences, great locations, and getting to know the truly fantastic
people that share such a unique passion is one of the ways we hope to
provide ever-lasting Avinton enjoyment.

Concretely, we organise rides in the most beautiful places for a day or
weekend focused on the enjoyment of riding, emotions and discoveries.
The following is just a glimpse of the European schedule:

1640 Curves: A touristic ride around the south of France.

Genève to Monaco: A winding ride through the Alps from north to south.

 The Adriatic Tour: From Venice to Dubrovnik along the coast.

Imperial Morocco Tour: Discover the 7 imperial cities of Morocco.

Manx Express: Journey to the legendary Tourist Trophy on the isle of Man.

The club also invites its members to riding days on legendary race tracks
(Le Mans, Magny-cours and even Le Castellet) with the presence of the
biking world’s best pilots. They counsel Avinton owners to better
understand their limits and master their Muscle-bikes.

The clubs organises bike maintenance and contacts the owners where the
time has come for us to do a little check-up on their Avinton. Obviously, all
Avinton clients are lifetime members of the “Lords of Avinton”!

We hope that via the “Lords of Avinton”, these outings will allow our clients
to collectively write the History of Avinton Motorcycles…

USA Tours and Track events to be
announced starting mid 2015.
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