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The Collector Race is distinguished by its low riding

Clip Ons are positioned under the top triple clamp
offering the best feedback from the road. Ideal for all
sporting conditions.
Closer to the road,                 
          your feelings take off
Each Collector Edition Avinton Motorcycle is available in your choice of 6
different finishes, and each finish is able to be further customized to your
specific demands.

Recommend finishes for the Race: Grand Sport, and Super Snake.
This gem is the definition of a
Muscle-bike in all of its splendour
and audaciousness!

The emphasis is on performance
and handling, and the low bars
give a strong connection between
man and machine.

Weight is distributed slightly more
forward, giving the Race edition
an exceptional control over
trajectory for explosive turns.

The incredible chassis geometry
provides a unique riding
experience that allows you to
leave everyone else in the dust !
This bike is mean.

It attacks the road with the
lightest twist of the throttle.

The handling is precise,
allowing you to drag a knee
through your favorite corners.

The sound is unreal. You'd
spend thousands of miles trying
to determine which you like
more, the whoosh of the intake,
or the deep bellow of the

If only you weren't completely
lost in the most visceral riding
experience of your entire life.
Curb Stomping Power!

125 ft lbs!
(at only 3,000 rpm)
(at 5750 rpm!)

And Featherweight design!

420 pounds!
(fully fueled and ready to ride)

Combines for an unparalleled
riding experience.

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Priced from $39,990*
*before taxes, registration, freight, and setup

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