The Collector GT is distinguished by its intermediate
riding position with clip ons set above the top triple

A true compromise, unique, sleek and powerful, it
captivates you ...
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The perfect blend                  
           of sport and elegance
Each Collector Edition Avinton Motorcycle is available in your choice of 6
different finishes, and each finish is able to be further customized to your
specific demands.

Recommend finishes for the GT: Original for the lovers of the first
Avintons, and Vintage for those nostalgic of golden age Cafe Racers.
The GT is the perfect incarnation
of the Café Racer, the style of the
first prototypes that Avinton

The clip ons rest above the triple
clamp, 5 cm higher than the Race
and 5 cm lower than the Roadster.

The GT’s riding position is a
perfect compromise of becoming
one with a powerful machine,
while offering a large degree of

Grip the handlebars and transport
back to the mythic evenings of
Brighton’s Ace Cafe to a
soundtrack of the Rolling Stones.
"Will it be your bike, or
your drool?"

- Randy
Curb Stomping Power!

125 ft lbs!
(at only 3,000 rpm)
(at 5750 rpm!)

And Featherweight design!

420 pounds!
(fully fueled and ready to ride)

Combines for an
unparalleled riding

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Priced from $39,990*
*before taxes, registration, freight, and setup

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Because sometimes a big name marquee with a low performance, low quality bike made in India or Thailand just
isn't enough to stir the soul and inspire greatness.